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About A8

A8 New Media Group Limited was established in May 2000, listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2008 (Stock Code: 00800.HK), and was listed as the National Music Industry Park of Guangdong Province by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television in 2011. A8 New Media mainly focus on cultural industry chain, starting from the online literature platform, attracts outstanding writers to create high-quality IP on the platform, and disseminates to consumers through various media such as online literature, film & television and games, to meet the diversified needs of consumers, forming a virtuous cycle of IP influence.


The main business of A8 New Media includes music & entertainment segment and culture segment. It contains literature, film & television, games, social networking, music, etc., and covers three sectors: providing original content, IP incubation and influence expansion, and IP value-added and value realization.


For the music and entertainment segment, A8 New Media release original music and develops performance products through A8 music (, publicizes and promotes through multiple channels by its audio and video streaming media (such as and Inke, etc.) and fan communities, and eventually realizes the value-added realization of music IP through live performances (Live 4 LIVE, LOVE CONCERT, etc.), brand cooperation and advertising, content authorization and cultural industry park (A8 Live).


For the literature, film & television and game segment, A8 New Media mainly collects literary creators to create original online literature content through online literary platform IP are distributed and incubated by to expand its influence. Ultimately the value-added and value realization of IP are realized through paid reading, game research and development, film & television distribution (including film and television ticketing and video broadcasting), etc.


Over the years, A8 New Media Group Limited has been focusing on the combination of mobile Internet and cultural entertainment industry, firmly believing that the combination of culture and technology can insert wings to content industry, make technology more humanized and emotional, and make happiness simpler. In the future, A8 New Media will continue to develop deeply in cultural industry, focus on creating the most popular entertainment destination for the young generation in China.


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