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  • UGC Original Music is a music service platform providing services to musicians which include music production, promotion and distribution in order to promote the development of original music in China. aims at becoming the largest original music platform in China, helping musicians to build up their own music management platform, providing more opportunities on marketing resources, signing contracts, monetization and O2O interaction. It also helped mobile service provider, music labels and copyright authority to identify outstanding original music and musician.
  • Finger Fun
    Finger Fun, which aims to be a prime mobile game publishing platform, entered into the mobile game publication business in 2012 with the help of accumulated capital and entertainment industry experience of the Group. In terms of mobile games introduction, Finger Fun has extended its operation from cooperating with high-quality mobile games developers to co-developing products with mobile game developers through high-quality network literature; In terms of mobile games publishing business, we continued to focus on mobile games publishing business in Mainland China while extended our operation to overseas publishing market and HTML5 mobile games platform through equity investment. Finger Fun has published several leading prime mobile games such as Papa Three Kindom.
  • A8 LIVE
    A8 LIVE, a performance platform using the brand of A8 LIVE located in the podium of A8 Music Building, which provides professional music services covering the whole music industry chain, and is committed to build an integrated online and offline music content incubator. The construction of A8 LIVE was completed in the second half of 2014 and its commercial operation was commenced in November 2014. Over ten live music performances were held during 2014 with an average attendance rate of 82% which helped building up the reputation of A8 LIVE.
  • inke
    Inke is an app of online live show, the first real-time social video software in China available in equipments such as iPhone /Android phone /AppleWatch /iPad
  • A8 Film & Television
    A8 Film & Television [Jisu Woniu Film & Television Media (Shenzhen) Co., Limited (极速蜗牛影视传媒(深圳)有限公司)], a professional film and television company under A8 New Media Group Limited. Through the production of strong-plot film and television products, it provides high-quality, high-sensitivity and high-topic content such as online TV dramas, videos and movies for audiences.
  • Beijing Zhangwen
    Founded in 2012, the company operates numbers of online reading platforms, including, one of the leading literature platforms of suspense-style literatures in China,, the platform mainly of women’s romance literatures,, the platform mainly of ancient-style literatures and Lemon Read. The company is mainly engaged in the business of incubating, operating and output of IPs., the online literature platform of Beijing Zhangwen, is the largest single suspense online literature platform in China at present. Its cumulative users exceed 20 million, and has a large number of top suspense works. The total number of works with over 1 billion hits on the network is as high as 20. has a series of suspense works which have entered the top 50 of Baidu Fengyun List, such as "Ghost Agent – Life Changing Master"(《阴阳代理人之改命师》), "Zhuogu Ji"(《捉蛊计》), "Fortune Teller"(《麻子神算子》), and "Looting Heaven’s Luck"(《劫天运》).
  • Mu77
    Established in January 2015. It mainly devotes to the R & D and operation of independent games. The main games that have been released are “Adventure and Mining” and “Card Monster”. Among them, Pixel style placement game "Adventure and Mining" launched its overseas release in June 2016, setting off a fashion of placement mobile game, becoming the first Chinese independent mobile game to harvest millions of players in the global market. R-TCG Game "Card Monster" was launched overseas in July 2017, and was continuously recommended by iOS and Google Play. In May 2017, it received the domestic agent of Tencent Aurora Program. In 2018, Mu77 won the honor of "Top Ten Creative Manufacturers of Alibaba Game Ecology".
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